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Výběr z minulých akcí:

Go to Advent concert

Advent concert

December 2 2018
6 pm
Church of St. Bartoloměj
Chvalkovice (okr. Vyškov)
entrance voluntary

BO!!! Concert

September 6 2018
7 pm
ArtBAR Druhý Pád
Double concert with The Puzzles
Exitance voluntary

Go to CHISA 2018

CHISA 2018

privat event
25 August 2018
Opening Ceremony of the 23rd International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering


June 18 2018
8.30 pm
Kostelní náměstí
voluntary admission



June 1 2018
7 pm
ArtBar Druhý Pád
voluntary admission

Go to Night of museums

Night of museums

May 19 2018
8 pm
Industra café
free entry

Go to Beat from Brno

Beat from Brno

May 11 2018
7 pm
Ostrava, Důl Michal
Double-concert s The Puzzles
130 Kč

Elementary school Christmas concert

private performance
December 22 2017
ZŠ Labská

Go to Evening songs

Evening songs

Dvojkoncert s Ensemble Frizzante
7. prosince 2017
Husův Sbor (Botanická)

Go to Chat, Beer, and Songs or A Public Rehearsal

Chat, Beer, and Songs or A Public Rehearsal

22 June 2017
6:30 pm
Brno, Obřany
Café Kafara (Fryčajova 78/16)

Go to Illegato on the North Pole

Illegato on the North Pole

9 February 2017
6 pm
Husův sbor (Botanická street)

Go to Concert for the Vlaštovka

Concert for the Vlaštovka

December 11 2016
3 pm
kostel sv. Vavřince

Go to Queerball


26 February 2016
8 pm
Cultural centre Babylon

Go to Around the world

Around the world

23 February 2016
7 pm
Café Trojka



7 March 2015
9 pm
The announcement of winners
of the competition
of water rescuers



We are a vocal group founded in the autumn of 2014. Our base is in Brno, where we all met in a university choir. After alternating between 8 and 9 members we got used to being called an "octette with nine members". However, since 2017, there's only eight of us, so we became, quite dully, an octtete. Being dull in number, we definitely are not dull in our repertoire! It is composed from pieces that vastly differ in the year and the country of origin, the language, and the genre, so every listener can find what they like! We enjoy entertaining our audience, sometimes even at our own expenses. Naturally, we choose songs that are a challenge for us.



We are just regular folks. See for yourself.

Evča Maturová

Soprano I
Student of molecular biology and genetics, age 25.
Favourite note: all except for D5
Favourite vowel: Ý.
Would like to see: inside a cell.
Favourite pasta: Homemade!!

Bára Zemánková

Soprano II
Technical assistent, age 25.
Favourite note: C2
Favourite vowel: vjááá.
Would like to see: everything she hasn’t seen yet.
Favourite pasta: Tagliatelle.

Šárka Čerstvá

Alto I
Ethnology student, age 23.
Favourite note: B3.
Favourite vowel: lm.
Would like to see: wherever she can see northern lights.
Favourite pasta: Lasagne.

Simona Surmařová

Alto II
Geographer, age 27.
Favourite note: D4.
Favourite vowel: O.
Would like to see: under the surface of things.
Favourite pasta: Lasagna.

Lukáš Novák

Tenor I
IT student, age 24.
Favourite note: D4.
Favourite vowel: ááá.
Would like to see: Times Square and Central Park.
Favourite pasta: Fusilli.

Jirka Ammer

School counselor, age 27.
Favourite note: E3.
Favourite vowel: Á.
Would like to see: New Zealand.
Favourite pasta: Tortellini.

Matěj Otruba

Bass I
English language student, age 24.
Favourite note: G2.
Favourite vowel: O.
Would like to see: North America. All of it.
Favourite pasta: Spaghetti!

Matěj Ištvánek

Bass II
Audio engineering student, age 24.
Favourite note: It depends. Mostly E-F2.
Favourite vowel: O.
Would like to see: the eyes of extraterrestrial civilisation, preferably in New Zealand.
Favourite pasta: Spaghetti.


We are very fond of exploring various styles, different cultures and languages, and their projection into music. That’s why you can find almost every style in our repertoire, starting with beautiful Czech melodies by Janáček (Láska opravdivá), Norwegian ballads (Det Lisle Banet), and contemporary compositions in Haiti Creole (Blogodop), all the way to American traditional songs (Bring Me Little Water, Sylvy). Sometimes, we like to experiment and explore the furthest corners of choral music. Therefore, you can hear even spoken choral songs (Geographical Fugue) or minimalism of Steve Reich (Clapping Music) at our concerts. We believe that everybody can find some song that they know or that will enrich them in a way. If you are interested in discovering the world of music with us, contact us!

Baba Yetu - Christopher Tin
Barbara Ann - The Regents
Blogodop - Sydney Guillaume
Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie - tradicionál, arr. Moira Smiley
Clapping Music - Steve Reich
Coconut - Ryan Cayabyab
Demáček - Buty
Det Lisle Bånet - Trio Mediæval
Down to the River - tradicionál
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles, arr. Faana
Fionnghuala - tradicionál

Flight - Daniel Elder For the Longest Time - Billy Joel
Gaudete - tradicionál
Geographical Fugue - Ernst Toch
Gota - The Real Group
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Ievan Polkka - Loituma
It don't mean a thing - Duke Ellington/Irving Mills
Käppee - Värttinä
Láska opravdivá - Leoš Janáček
Mahk Jchi - Ulali
Modlitba za vodu - Hradišťan, arr. Matěj Otruba
Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes
Nearer, My God, to Thee - arr. James Stevens
Northern Lights - Ola Gjeilo
Õhtul - Pärt Uusberg
Õhtu ilu - Pärt Uusberg
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps - Doris Day, arr. Mister Tim
Plenty Good Room - Kirby Shaw
Plyne kača - ukrajinská lidová
Stars - Ēriks Ešenvalds
Short People - arr. Simon Carrington
Ščedryk - Mykola Leontovyč
True Colors - Cindy Lauper, arr. Ton van Diepen
Unicornis captivatur - Ola Gjeilo
Věneček - Zdeněk Lukáš
Words - The Real Group


Get in touch

If you're interested in having us, invite us to:
• concerts,
• concerts for charity,
• short performances in social events (e.g. balls, exhibitions)
• or to cooperation with other artists (double concerts, vernissages, etc).

You can cooperate with us at some other events as well. If you are not sure if your event is right for us, do not hesitate to ask!